Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Thai Food Week Inspiration from the Yao-No, Ko Yao

Six Senses Yao Noi

Six Senses Yao Noi

You would know my crazyness on burgers, bacon and basically fat. But this week Ive got a different feeling in Thai, rice and spice. 

Lets go to the six senses Yao-Noi resort to see what they serve and make it home !

Farmer salad 450 
cos, radicchio, honey-sherry vinaigrette, bacon, 
our own organic egg from our farm 

Beet salad 575 
pumpkin seeds, cos, local beetroot, 
cilantro - avocado dressing 

Fried goat cheese rocket salad 525 
wild Thayamundra organic rocket, roasted capsicum x 3, 
crostini, tomato coulis 

Local watermelon - Phuket crab salad 450 
kaffir- mint lemonade jelly, pickled rind, 
cos, Maryland crab seasoning 

Six Senses mushroom salad 575 
Wild Thayamundra organic rocket, Parmesan, carrot, 
fennel, lemon vinaigrette 

Yao Noi mixed greens salad 450 
carrot, radish, fennel, garden cucumber 
balsamic vinaigrette 


Six Senses mushroom crepes 625 
Mushrooms from our hut, roasted garden tomatoes, 
 Cheese cream sauce 

Tiger prawn beans & greens 675 
bacon-cannellini cassoulet, 
local kale, broth of local prawns 

Handmade local tiger prawn ravioli 650 
spinach, Six Senses mushrooms, tomato 
prawn sauce 

Chicken tortellini 575 
Pancetta, spinach, Parmesan, 
carrots, celery, thyme chicken bouillon 

Homemade tagliatelle pasta 575 
Six Senses mushrooms, garlic, Parmesan 

Grass fed beef carpaccio 625 
Aged Angus beef, wild local Thayumundra organic rocket, 
Parmesan, lemon dressing, grissini, capers

From the Wok 

21. Nuea pad horapa 690 
Wok fried beef 
Wok fried beef with lemongrass, mushroom and holy basil 

22. Gai pad med mamuang 540 
 Cashew chicken 
Wok tossed chicken with cashew nuts, mushrooms and tamarind sauce 

23. Ta lay pad cha 650 
 Fried seafood with spicy herbs 
Stir-fried mixed local seafood with kaffir lime leaf, holy basil, garlic, green 
peppercorn, chili and fish sauce 

24. Gang nam makam 680 
 Tamarind Phuket langoustine 
Wok fried Phuket langoustine with tamarind sauce and crispy shallot 

Rice and noodles 

25. Pad thai goong maenham 660 
Prawn pad Thai 
Grilled Phang Nga river prawns with pad Thai noodles 

26. Koay tiew kua gai 450 
Wok noodle curry 
Stir-fried rice noodles with chicken, curry powder, bean sprouts and 
shiitake mushrooms 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


That TED talk I tuned on about transgenders left me speachless. I admit having so much no knowledge, the topic is fascinating  and worth to be hang over for the simple reason that knowledge has never been a bad thing. Norman points out the lack of knowledge conducting a strict legal frame restricting the dispense of medical treatments. "In england you cannot be treated before the age of 16 which means consigning patients to the wrong body."

[....] Think about the third word that was ever said about you boy, girl, man, woman.  Its the description of your sex.

[....] Mismatches makes impossible the description of yourself. Yourself not sexual orientation, to consider yourself as a man or a woman or in the spectrum in between. 

[....] To be confused between sexual orientation and gender identity, Sexual orientation is who you go to bed with and gender identity is who you go to bed as

Norms frames so ppl are unlikely to try the changes

What puts a question here is how a kid, and I truly respect the quote example here, is able to say at 3 or 4,before puberty, that he or she is in the wrong body. What if he or she realized he or she is not as an adult ?  Are there any example of irreversible treatments undergone by patients who now regrets ?

There are no conclusion nor judgmental ideas spread over olithee, Im just here to raise a talk, be a ear and learn.

Have a great week

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Boho Clothing ? Shop Free People

Studded heart pointed the new Free People collection Im seduced

Photographer: David Bellemere
Models: Camille Rowe, Farah Holt & Amanda Norgaard

Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Bunny Weekend

Natural Dye Easter Eggs

Easter ! Im not much into the religious meaning of Easter in fact buddy shamely had to refresh my unfaithful memory and I am neither a chocolate person but I like Easter. First its a bank holliday, it rings spring bells and yet to be from April 16 I have always been wasted as a child at that time of the year.

I am wishing you good family catch ups, loads of time outside and to be quick. Remember there are no family compassion run fast, crush your dads daffodils do wathever it takes to get the more eggs in your basket.


One food blog

This is what I need to stay in shape

17 easy appetizers for Easter brunch

how cool

Homemade Easter Treats and 25 other Easy Easter Cakes and Desserts

Picture from Cookertino doing the cutest easter dessert, chocolate mousse and oreo spread !

What a precious little angel right ? 

Music festival will be my thing this year, any reckon ?

I like this moma blog, e-communities, story tellers, have litteraly helped to saving me. I had a huge struggle 2007 - 2011 after an  accident. I would not have made it so strong and happy without e-communities particularly Amanda de Cadenet and her honest the conversation talk. A key guidance, thanks Amanda Ill forever be grateful and carry you in my heart.

The perfect beach bag by experience my beach basket contains so much that it always turns into a heavy nightmare (begin buddy knees in sand would yoooou please help.) This year Im making things right. 


I would not say thats my tastes but worth having a look, the most interesting, history filled interior  

Your ultimate family Easter playlist 

We're all the same right ?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Summer 2014 : 5 essentials

 Boho paisley pants.

What I most like about summer is effortless styles. A tan, ocean waved hair. That said, I have listed my top 5 essentials.

1. Confortable pieces

Kaftan. Etros here, Cheaper version here

2. The appropriate swimsuits

Wavy spot ? If so, think of good holding bikins like this. Byron Bay beachers have seen more than they should that day of December 26, th ! (cheaper one here and here)

Pregnant ? here

Swim shorts here and here and here

3. Anklets

  Leather fringe anklet. Yup. Anklets you can't lose :) 

4. Cropped (wildfox collection 3 years ago) and long sleaves T for late evenings otb 


Pinned by Halston Sage | Star on the Rise

5. The perfect Towel

I like foutas  they are easy to carry and quickly dry

Whats ur items ?