Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy Bunny Weekend

Natural Dye Easter Eggs

Easter ! Im not much into the religious meaning of Easter in fact buddy shamely had to refresh my unfaithful memory and I am neither a chocolate person but I like Easter. First its a bank holliday, it rings spring bells and yet to be from April 16 I have always been wasted as a child at that time of the year.

I am wishing you good family catch ups, loads of time outside and to be quick. Remember there are no family compassion run fast, crush your dads daffodils do wathever it takes to get the more eggs in your basket.


One food blog

This is what I need to stay in shape

17 easy appetizers for Easter brunch

how cool

Homemade Easter Treats and 25 other Easy Easter Cakes and Desserts

Picture from Cookertino doing the cutest easter dessert, chocolate mousse and oreo spread !

What a precious little angel right ? 

Music festival will be my thing this year, any reckon ?

I like this moma blog, e-communities, story tellers, have litteraly helped to saving me. I had a huge struggle 2007 - 2011 after an  accident. I would not have made it so strong and happy without e-communities particularly Amanda de Cadenet and her honest the conversation talk. A key guidance, thanks Amanda Ill forever be grateful and carry you in my heart.

The perfect beach bag by experience my beach basket contains so much that it always turns into a heavy nightmare (begin buddy knees in sand would yoooou please help.) This year Im making things right. 


I would not say thats my tastes but worth having a look, the most interesting, history filled interior  

Your ultimate family Easter playlist 

We're all the same right ?

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Summer 2014 : 5 essentials

 Boho paisley pants.

What I most like about summer is effortless styles. A tan, ocean waved hair. That said, I have listed my top 5 essentials.

1. Confortable pieces

Kaftan. Etros here, Cheaper version here

2. The appropriate swimsuits

Wavy spot ? If so, think of good holding bikins like this. Byron Bay beachers have seen more than they should that day of December 26, th ! (cheaper one here and here)

Pregnant ? here

Swim shorts here and here and here

3. Anklets

  Leather fringe anklet. Yup. Anklets you can't lose :) 

4. Cropped (wildfox collection 3 years ago) and long sleaves T for late evenings otb 


Pinned by Halston Sage | Star on the Rise

5. The perfect Towel

I like foutas  they are easy to carry and quickly dry

Whats ur items ?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This week Holly Madison reckons .... The PepperMill, Las Vegas

If Holly Madison says that Olithee has try The Peppermill in Las Vegas, then so it goes.  

This Week, US Weekly gave us the opportunity to ask her questions and I was dying to know her favourites spots in Vegas. 

Holly advices a bunch of places such as The Peppermill, Circus Circus Steakhouse, Michael's, Chicago Joe's. From what I can see it doesnt seem that bad to often eat there, Holly looks stun !

I have much respect for a girl who turned her life into being an accomplished business woman. I wont be able to try the Peppermill soon because few miles separate me from there but until I get to go (and I will) Ill have my week's cooking much inspired 
( check out more in Australia, Venice, Nashville and DC)  

The Complete Menu

Thanks Holly for the reckon, US weekly for the opportunity to reach her out and Vegas to be Vegas.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Two easy foodie tricks {weekend throwback}

Mashed oreos are even sweeter than oreo themselves 

We ve got that garlic cheese in France called boursin, Im sure wherever you are Philadelphia is making some. Spread over bread, grill 5.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Weekend time

Ever dreamt to fly like a bird ?

Take good note

We have guests on saturday and I will be up for this : 

mayo/crab pain au lait

It inspires me with frozen yogurts gotta try my homemade tonight (with oreo and strawberry)

I have this amazing cook friend who made her guacamole right in front of me the other day. She used a hand blender put all together two advocados (almost rotten) half a white radish 1 large spoon of cream mint and she added tibit of lemon. It took her 5, incredible.

This jumpsuit could be my birthday gift to myself and no it aint gonna be this one

This man  no matter what circumstances really were I mean has to pay, no ?

We may have all fantasize it at some point

I am following nbcla on twitter and Geez it is insane what happens there on a daily basis

If you want to be cool you have to at least have heard of this (if you cant redefined it its ok you will still be cool)

I wish you all good easy time with the ability to realize what you have. If no good things has happened to you lately, luck turns up always keep faith strenghs and talk (right here if you want)

SurfBoard Inpirations

Hang Ten: 21 homes that prove surf is chic // polka dots // black and white // surfboards

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // living room, wooden art decor fireplace mantel, black leather sofa, wooden coffee table, plant stands, cream walls

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // Wax/Surf board, modern bench, hallway decor

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // beanbag coffee table, wood wall, white modern picnic table

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // ocean water artwork, traditional living room

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // boy's bedroom, horizontal striped wallpaper, woven blinds, Eames Lounge Chair, horseshoe bedding

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // Louis Ghost Chair, white living room and dining room, white piano

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // white surfboard, living room, white leather sofas, fur throw, leopard-print lampshade

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // outdoor shower made of surfboards

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // white kitchen, bamboo stools, glass pendants

21 Homes That Prove Surf Is Chic // surfboards as decor // green surfboard, green botanical curtains, white canvas and chrome armchair, Lilly Pulitzer dresses, closet

If you're like me you cant ski but when it comes to water you're like a fish. Im searching for the perfect board because I want one in my living. 

Throwback Australia (xmas 2012)